Rubberized Floors

Rubberized flooring was once used for mainly commercial and industrial facilities. Today however, you can have this flooring choice in your home. It offers a number of benefits including is flexibility of use, durability and overall safety, particularly so for those with smaller children.


You can have rubberized flooring specifically designed to make it an attractive part of your home. The flooring is now available for homes, small businesses and a variety of other areas and because it is so efficient, it provides a much less costly alternative to other flooring methods.

Benefits of Variation

There is currently a wide selection of rubber flooring available for a variety of different needs. You can find this flooring in many different colors and sizes. Design choices can include solid, lined, patterned and a variety of others. Rubberized flooring also comes in tiles that are easy to install and have a variety of different surface types. Smooth surfaces are commonly used in homes with other surfaces such as diamond and stud used in a variety of businesses from factories to movie houses. The price for rubber flooring will of course depend on the specific size that you need to cover as well as the overall design and the manufacturer. You can go online and find many different retailers offering this flooring choice. Use these retailers to get a fair price comparison to see what your rubberized flooring will cost.

Safety of Rubberized Flooring

Many people choose to have rubberized flooring installed simply for the safety factor alone. They can be used where wet floors are bound to happen such as in garages, kitchens and bathrooms. Many parents choose this type of flooring for children’s playrooms as it provides much more cushioning than carpeting and is a bit safer for children. Training facilities and gyms use it to provide a safer environment for those working out and training. It is slip resistant so even when wet there are much lower chances of slipping and falling than with other flooring materials. In addition to its safety benefits, rubberized flooring is much more durable than many other flooring choices. If you find good quality flooring you can expect it to last at least ten years or more before it begins to show signs of wear and tear. Compared to carpeting this is a much more durable choice. Most carpeting will begin to show signs of wear after only about five years or so. In addition, many rubberized flooring products include a self-releasing wax product that will automatically heal certain abrasions and scuffs. If you take care of the flooring it could potentially last as long as your home.

Environmental Benefits

Many rubberized flooring tiles that you find on the market today are man-made from synthetics. Many manufacturers however are learning ways to use recycled products to create rubberized flooring. This means that the flooring will be much more environmentally friendly than any other flooring that you can purchase and have installed in your home, including wood flooring.

Rubberized Floors